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Professional Music Production and Sound Design Customized to Your Needs!

Welcome to PRODUMUSIC - Miami, Florida's leading Music Composition, Music Production and Audio Post Production company.

Looking to produce a catchy jingle for your new product, or a soundtrack for your new TV show? PRODUMUSIC can provide you with creative direction and exceptional sound recordings for any musical project. Our expert music composers, producers, foley artists and sound engineers will work with you to create an extraordinary sound, designed to grab the attention of your target audience.

We offer a full range of music production and sound editing services for any form of broadcast media, as well as advertising agencies and featured films. Our professional music producers utilize only the best audio equipment in the industry to create unique compositions in every genre.

What sets PRODUMUSIC apart from our competitors?

  • Our team consists of a well-established network of composers, songwriters and sound engineers.
  • We work with the highest quality analogue and digital equalizers and compressors.
  • We offer friendly and professional project management services and creative solutions for music productions.
  • Our mixing, editing and synchronization services are second to none.
  • No project is too big or too small for our music specialists.
  • Our professional sound recordings are delivered on time and without compromise.

Want to learn more about our music production services? Speak with a PRODUMUSIC representative today and discover how we can give shape to your musical concept. Call us at 1-305-300-3690.

At PRODUMUSIC, we believe that music is what feelings might sound like. Every musical compilation we develop invokes powerful, moving and unforgettable emotions. Consequently, our songwriting and music production services have allowed us to become the winner of the best music award for The 48 Hour Film Festival in 2008, and also get an Emmy Nomination in 2006. Our sound specialists can create any recording suited to your individual needs. Let us show you what we can do for you.

PRODUMUSIC delivers creative solutions for any music production.

From TV commercials to documentary films, PRODUMUSIC can accurately and efficiently cover all your music and audio needs. As one of the leaders in music production, we are able to deliver flexibility and exclusivity when designing the overall sound of any production.

For more information on our music production services, call us today at 1-305-300-3690. Or contact us online.